Safe Travel Certified


As the Kenya Tanzania safari, we have taken initiative to ensure that your travel is safe. We have prioritized the protection of our clients, keeping you safe while at the same time giving you amazing safari experiences. In this hard pandemic times, we are doing our best to ensure you begin to travel again and do it with confidence. We are determined you will enjoy your safari in Kenya and Tanzania Covid free

Flexible terms and conditions.

We have revised our booking terms and conditions keeping in mind the disruptions that are being effected rom tie to time. We guarantee that you will get 100% refund if you really need to cancel. However, we encourage you to defer your travel to a later date. We ensure that you have your travel credit in place until when you can travel again within a period of one year. Cancellation can be made up to 5 days prior to travel date.

Social distancing

Safari is generally experiencing outdoors, living in free safari wild open areas. We are make it better by ensuring that we custom make itineraries that will take you to areas away from the crowds. We keep social distancing in mind, even when it is already there.

Covid Testing

We have assistance service ready to assist with your Covid testing. We also arrange tests for our itineraries that require regional travel. Should you require test for your outbound flight, we have our in-house concierge assistants ready to help. Extra masks ad sanitizers are provide throughout the safari.

Quality standard in Hotels

We have endured that for our clients’ safety, we shall work with the hotels that adhere to the safety standards set by WHO and the government. We ensure that they have their rooms, spaces, dining areas and lounges are clean and are kept sanitized at all times.

Exclusive use Safaris

We are encouraging exclusive use of vehicles at all times. This is to minimize any changes of infection between clients. Our vehicles are always sanitized and come with extra hand sanitizers and masks. We are also promoting packages that minimize exposure and risks. We are encouraging staying longer at safari destinations.

Concierge Customer support

We have in place a concierge department that will support you all through your stay. Our amazing customer support will take care of all your request. From flight cancellations to adding accommodations nights, we shall take care of all the little details that will make your perfect stay.

Protected staff

We have ensured that all our guides and support staff have the proper training to handle clients in this times. They will practice social distancing, wears face masks and use sanitizers at all times. With the rolling out of the vaccines, we have managed to vaccine our entire safari guides in Kenya and working with necessary government units in Tanzania to have them vaccinated. Protecting them means you are protected as well.