Kenya Safari

Kenya is known as the cradle of mankind and better still the birthplace of safari and tours. It is a county famous for its breathtaking landscapes, Spectacular wildlife destinations and home to some of the best marathoners in the world. Kenya wildlife destinations are amongst the top rated in the world. In addition to the beautiful white sandy beaches of Diani of the Kenyan coast, Snow capped mountains of Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the Great Rift Valley and the endless savannah plains, Kenya will give you a true out of African Safari experience.

The Masai Mara Game Reserve is one of the most sought after wildlife destinations. Famed for the Masai Mara Wildebeests migration, big five game viewing and the big cat diary series, it remains to be a bucket list for many. Lodges and camps are strategically placed in this vast plains and it is just so surreal to be spending the nights surround by the sights and sounds of the African nights. In some of the safari camps the feel is exceptional with only a canvas between you and wildlife. The colorful Maasai tribe lives in cohabitation with the wildlife and a visit here gives you the perfect opportunity to experience their cultures and ways of life.

A Kenya safari will also take you to other destinations and attractions that this country beholds.  This include the Lewa downs for family vacation and honeymoon, where we have Britain’s prince proposed, the best and most romantic sceneries in the un endless plain. Samburu home to some endemic wildlife species including the long necked antelope, endangered gravy Zebra and Oryx. Amboseli at the back drop of Kilimanjaro which is home to the largest elephant herds and the snow capped Mount Kenya which crowns the view with its beautiful peaks.

A bush to beach Kenya safari experience would be the crème of all holiday packages. Spending the days in the dusty plains leaves you deserving a thorough wash and massage. This is where the white sandy beaches of Diani come in. The water sports activities that take place here include snorkeling, deep sea fishing, diving and speed boats. Dinner at one of the dhows as you cruise and watch the sunset is the perfect proposal setting.  We shall give you the perfect combination for an ultimate bespoke bare foot experience.

If you have dreamt of Africa, then Kenya is the ultimate Luxury destination. Engage us and give us the opportunity to share this beautiful African biodiversity with you. Our Kenya safaris specialists are waiting for you.