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Kenya Tanzania safaris is a family owned tour operator offering unique bespoke safari ideas to the hidden gems of East Africa. We   have great love for conservation and passionately share our African biodiversity in the safaris we offer. We specialize in tailor-made safaris which capture the essence of Romance, adventure and beautiful memories. This is in addition to the luxury and comforts of the modern age hotels and resorts and an emphasis on personalized service.

A guided safari is the way to get into East Africa and we offer just that with our local born and bred Professional safari guides. They will lead you into the most beautiful destinations of Kenya and Tanzania. They have in-depth knowledge for the wildlife; flora and fauna that you will encounter along the safari trails. We are the East Africa Safari destination consultants and we offer much more than big five safaris. An extension to the surrounding coastal beaches of Diani and Zanzibar sums up a perfect holiday getaway. We put effort in to learning your needs and therefore create a customized holiday packages just the way you like it. Our Kenya and Tanzania safari Holidays have a value for your money. Whatever your interest, we shall make it an out of Africa experience.

We give you an Authentic African Safari experience with unforgettable memories and lasting friendships. Our firsthand information on new properties ensures you will get a front seat and a travel experience that others only wish for. Our prices are competitive and does not involve any third party commissions. We give you value for your money and out of Africa holiday memories. Book your next safari to Kenya and Tanzania with our safari specialists who guarantee you a flawless experience.

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Our guides are the epitome of your safari, their knowledge and expertise on the region is undoubted. They are up to the task and will accompany you thought out your journey. They are professionals who have exceptional guiding skills in addition to customer service that makes your safari while out in the field more enjoyable. While the office team will plan your itinerary, the guides are the deal breakers of your safari experience. Being in the wild means that you cannot control weather or where the animals however, however with their keen eyes and knowledge on animal behavior, they will take you to possible locations where you will spot and enjoy the sights and the sounds of wildlife. Our guides are multilingual and well-spoken in English and other international languages. While in the field, they take it a notch higher by arranging those special experiences and indulgences that always come as a lovely surprise. Our guides are local as we believe in empowering local communities and talent.

You may ask, what are the advantages of having a private safari guide?

Best places to Visit in Kenya and Tanzania

Embark on an extraordinary journey through Kenya and Tanzania, where adventure awaits at every turn. Begin amidst the sweeping plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara, witnessing the spectacle of the Great Migration and encountering the Big Five on thrilling safari drives. Cross into Tanzania to explore the legendary Serengeti National Park, home to vast savannas teeming with wildlife, and venture into the Ngorongoro Crater for a mesmerizing glimpse into an ancient ecosystem. From the towering heights of Mount Kilimanjaro to the tranquil shores of Zanzibar, this East African odyssey promises unforgettable experiences, captivating landscapes, and a deep immersion into the rich tapestry of African culture and nature.

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These popular itineraries can be customized to match your budget and how many people you’re planning to travel with.

FAQ about Kenya and Tanzania Safari

Yes, you do need a visa to visit Kenya and Tanzania. You should apply online before arrival to avoid inconveniences. Please ensure you passport has at least six empty pages and is valid. Children under 16 years traveling to Kenya WITH FAMILIES do not require a visa.

Depending on your health condition, it is advisable to visit your doctor for the best advice. Please note some of the safari areas are prone to mosquitos. However, most lodges ensure they provide mosquitoes nets and spray insecticides during turndown. Please note it is mandatory to have a Yellow fever certificate when arriving into Tanzania.

Yes, this mode of payment is acceptable in all safari lodges. It is also possible to pay for extra meals at restaurants or malls and shopping centers using your visa card. Cash payment is also, however the exchange rate to the dollar at the time will apply.

Both Kenya and Tanzania enjoy good weather and share a fairly similar weather patterns. We have the long rains between April and May during which a food number of camps close temporarily due to the impassable road conditions and some for renovations. Between June and September we have the wildebeest migration happening in Serengeti and Masai Mara.

With the current situation of the pandemic will are working with a 0 % deposit for any safari reservations. We are refunding 100% payment for any safaris not taken due to restrictions. We do have contracts which we abide to with the third party stakeholders which are hotels. We therefore advise that you inform us as soon a you realize that you will not be able to embark on your safaris.

We do have an east African Visa that you can get to travel through Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. If you want a safari combination to this three countries, then this is the best way to go. Unfortunately this visa does not include Tanzania and you have to get this separately.

Kenya and Tanzania safari has a good number of professional multilingual guides. This service comes free if they are our guides. However for the languages that we have to hire a guide from outside, it comes as an extra cost. However we negotiate the rates to make them as affordable as possible.