Travel To Kenya

Is It Safe To Travel To Kenya For A Safari?

Safari lovers visit Kenya from around the world. Its diverse animals, gorgeous landscapes, and rich cultural legacy make it unforgettable. Safety worries may dissuade some tourists from visiting this attractive…
Kenya Mount

How Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Kenya?

Kenya’s tallest mountain, Mount Kenya, is Africa’s second-highest after Kilimanjaro. This extinct volcano is situated in the country’s midsection, near the equator. Historically, the Kikuyu revered Mount Kenya. Since Sir…

Kenya and Tanzania Travel Guide

Tanzania Safari Park and Wildlife Kenya and Tanzania safari are prominent destinations. Numerous tourists visit East Africa every season. Serengeti and Masai Mara are iconic for the Wildebeest Migration. This…

Top 10 Adventures in Kenya other than Safari

Kenya is the number one tourist destination in East Africa. Apart from being an African safari destination, there are several charming sceneries. Millions of travelers visit this heterogeneous paradise for…